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Sadly we have to announce that due to circumcisions beyond our lack of control things seem to have gone a bit pear shaped at Pear Shaped in Sydney. This is not unusual. things were actually quite pear shaped even  when it was going ok.

Head honcho Jonas holt has suddenly decided to retire as managing director of Pear Shaped's prestige Australian branch.

Having dedicated the last year of his life to making Pear Shaped what it is today he feels that he would now like to spend more time with his family instead of enjoying himself.

We are currently head-hunting a new CEO and will call a press conference as soon as the post is filled.

In the meantime this web page will remain unchanged so that when the appointment is made we can just carry on as if nothing has happened.



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Brian & Krysstal are back in the UK for a while leaving Pear Shaped in the highly incapable hands of 

Sydney funnymen Jonas Holt, Chuck Boyd & Chris Strickland.


Jonas Holt




brought to you by

Brian Damage & Krysstal

(UK Comedians) who proudly present the best and worst of Australia's comics, cranks and crackpots.


Pear Shaped in Sydney follows in the footsteps of its sister clubs in London and at The Edinburgh Festival, a favourite of comedians and audience alike. There is no telling who will drop in to perform for the sheer pleasure of it, to plug their show, try out new material or just have a laugh.


Brian Damage & Krysstal (his glamorous assistant) run a weekly club in London called

Pear Shaped in Fitzrovia

self-proclaimed as London's Second Worst Comedy Club.


Pear Shaped has the well-deserved reputation of discovering and smothering new talent.


Comedians new and old have performed at Pear Shaped over the years including special shows at the Edinburgh Festival and at its predecessor, the Oval Comedy Club RIP.





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Chuck Boyd





Pear Shaped in London

"...a line-up of acts ranging from the highly professional to the unashamedly amateurish. It is wild. Madly wonderful."

The Stage (Aug 2002)


"This unthreateningly cheerful atmosphere lends a real sense of fun to the evening. A unique comic experience that you really have to sample at least once."


Brian Damage & Krysstal


" Legendary Brian Damage and top strangely straight-woman Krysstal are a one-off cross-genre act, but they have echoes of The Bonzos, the heyday of music hall and some rather seedy country & western club. Four stars  I laughed like a drain"

John Fleming,

(Edinburgh Fest 2004)


" - as daft and charming as they are funny" The Stage (Aug 2002)


"Brian Damage is a legend on the London Comedy Circuit. Cracking deadpan act." 

Chris Wilson

StandUpCom Magazine


" Always enjoyable. incredibly funny. His 'Buddy Holly plays Oasis' is a gem"


(UK Comedy Guide)


"If you like daft stuff you'll love this new album by Brian Damage &  Krysstal"

TIME OUT (London)


"..excellent but grumpy Brian Damage his material is very dry, his charm infectious"

IC Scotland.co.uk (Edinburgh Festival 2001)


"Brian Damage and his glamorous assistant Krysstal..

particularly engaging"

The List

(Edinburgh Festival 2001)


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Chris Strickland




Well-known comics who have graced (and disgraced) Pear Shaped stages include:


*Daniel Kitson * Malcolm Hardee * Al Murray * Boothby Graffoe * Dan Antapolski * Charlie Chuck * Mark Maier * Nick Wilty * Phil Nichol * Sarah Kendall * Marty Lappan * George Bush * Peter Willey * Rhyss Darby * Damien Clarke * Paul Foot * Clint Paddison * The Pope * Ivan Steward * Michael Hilder * Mick Meredith * Jimbo * Shazia Mirza * Hal Cruttendan * Nina Conti * Holywood Brett Sheargold * Peter Willey * Darren Sanders and many others too humorous to mention!



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